Sorry, as our project is over (ended as of the 08-09 school year), we will not be updating the site anymore. But feel free to still browse around!

     We have added so many articles since the day we remember opening this site. We hope you enjoy are articles and videos and advice columns! So here it is, our great newspaper from our computer to yours. We will keep adding new articles to keep you up to date!  Remember to comment at our What. Do. You. Think. Page! Enjoy.

What is Popcorn News?

About Us


What is Popcorn News?

      As you are probably wondering, Popcorn News is a newspaper but it's not an ordinary paper and ink newspaper.  We don't only write articles, but make funny and even interesting videos and reports on your favourite celebrities, sports stars and serious events that are happening around the world which may be affecting you and your family.

About Us

We are a group of grade 8 students that have decided to expand their english project, and make it go beyond the black and white paper editions.  Now why Popcorn News, of all names?  The day we decided to create a website, one of our editors in chief was having a popcorn loving moment.  Laughing , she suggested popcorn, one of us took it seriously and put it on the website.  Now, the name has stuck.  Hope you have enjoyed our edition of popcorn news, and feel free to ask any questions on the blog posts.


Sorry, as our project is over (ended as of the 08-09 school year), we will not be updating the site anymore. But feel free to still browse around!

As we continue to add articles, videos and more to improve our website, we'll update you on the most recent changes:

Also, new videos have been added, but sorry . You have to be a member in order to see them.

Politics section: Gaining Control of Senate- by ST.. 09/01/09

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Animal section:Wildlife Animal Trade-by CD..06/01/09


Fun stuff section:Black confusion-by CD..05/01/09 Moving Wheel?-by CD..05/01/09 Moving gears-by CD..05/01/09 Up and down-by CD..05/01/09 Know where your blind spot is yet?-by CD..05/01/09 Circle of confusion?-by CD..06/01/09 AND Wheel of Mind- by CD..06/01/09

Opinion section: Criminals' Lives- by ST.. 03/01/09

Politics section: Brian Mulroney and Karlheinz Schneiber Probe Delayed- by ST..07/01/09

Movies and Books section:Little Brother. Author: Cody Doctorow- by SM...01/02/2009

Business and Econonmy: Stock Market- by SM...02/01/09

Opinion: Popcorn News Helping- by ST.. 02/01/09

Technology (electronics) section: Top 10 Most expensive Phones in the World- by SM...02/01/09

Business and EconomyCanadian Exchange Rates- by SM...02/01/09

Environment and Scientific Issues section:Kyoto Protocol- by SM...02/01/09

World section:Oil Prices- by SM...01/02/09

World section:Abortion Debate- by ST..30/12/08

National section:Capital Punishment- by SM 01/01/09

Entertainment section: Lyrics of Songs-by SM..01/01/09

Animal section:Illegal Animal Hunting-CD..01/01/08

Sports section: Incredible Athletes!-by MRS..31/12

Movies and Books section:Extras. Author: Scott Westerfeld-by TI and SM..30/12/08

Environment and Science section:Conserving our Energy- by CD..29/12/08

Ask Clayre section:Best friend of Doom-by CD.. 21/12/08